Missions Europa Network exists to bring together like-minded Christians that want to reach Europe with the Holistic Gospel of Jesus Christ through church-to-church evangelistic projects.

Our aim is to put these Christians in “one room” and allow the Holy Spirit to forge partnerships that will lead to the holistic Gospel spreading all over Europe.

Who are we?

We are committed to church evangelism projects that emphasize relationships and local relevance. We celebrate the variety and creativity of all evangelistic strategies as determined by the local church. We affirmed the importance of partnerships developed through personal networking. We acknowledged the value of church-to-church projects and their role in mobilizing the local church. We conduct an annual conference rich in networking and partnering opportunities with a focus on projects. We are guided by a leadership team from multiple cultures with various perspectives.

We are not organizationally connected to any other group or ministry. We include all of Europe. We welcome/invite participation from any like-minded individual, church, or organization. Our annual conference focuses to include three primary components:  inspiration, networking, and projects. Any number of participants from any country or organization may attend annual conference. The cost of participation in the Missions Europa Network Conferences will be covered by the participating organization/individual

Prayerfully consider how you, your church, your organization, and your network can collaborate with Missions Europa Network to reach Europe one person at a time.

Leadership Team

Missions Europa is led by a Leadership Team that is comprised of:

  • Scott Corwin, Pastor of International Bible Fellowship, Buchs, Switzerland
  • Dietrich “Didi” Fischer-Dörl, Pastor of Baptist Church Mollardgasse, Vienna
  • Edwin & Sylvia Caruana, NAME Area Director for Global Fellowship, Pastor at Knisja Evangelika Battista in Malta and Facilitator of the BlueMed Network.
  • Peter & Gingi Barbarics, Baptist Union of Hungary
  • Paul & Vicki Haugtvedt, Retired Market-Place Executive, Switzerland
  • Jerry & Janice Byrd, Project Leaders, Hungary Missions

Networking Conference

Missions Europa Networking  Conference

2022 Missions Europa Networking Conference

Date: February 26th to 1st March 2022

Time: Start 3:00 PM CET on Saturday 26th Feb and end at 1:00 PM CET on Tuesday 1st March
(CET – Central Europe Time)

POSTPONED – More information will be posted here at a later date.

Where: Dolmen Resort Hotel, Malta

Program (Subject to change)

The program will be posted here when available

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to office@missionseuropa.net

Please share this website with anybody that you think will benefit from this virtual meeting!